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Our History

elderbeaneThe original building of Apostolic Truth Center was laid out Thanksgiving Day 1969. The first service was held in June 1970, thirteen people were in attendance.

Plans for a new building were made in the spring of 1987, with construction beginning in July 1987.

Apostolic Truth Center moved into its new building in October 1987, with Elder John Beane serving as pastor until June 1989.

In June 1989, Elder John Beane felt the need to resign and retire from the pastorate of Apostolic Truth Center. In July 1989, his son, Brother Gary Beane was elected to the position of pastor. In October 2012 Bro. Beane announced his retirement and his son, Brother Josh Beane became the pastor. Brother Gary Beane remains as Bishop.

ATC moved into their present facility in February of 2006. The previous building is now the educational facility, as well as it houses the youth department.